The National Walk for Epilepsy is a community celebration of music, entertainment and camaraderie among friends, families, corporations, and organizations gathering to celebrate their fundraising success and demonstrate their support in the fight against epilepsy. 

Each year, the National Walk for Epilepsy grows in size, scope and significance - thanks to dedicated people like you. The Walk is the preeminent event where the epilepsy community comes together to show the world the importance of raising much needed funds and awareness about epilepsy.

It's a day full of inspiration, community, awareness and fun!

Last year, our 10th Annual National Walk for Epilepsy raised more than our goal of $1 million. Special thanks to Rick Harrison, Alan Faneca, Sleepy Man, DJ Hapa, Coach Jerry Kill and our Athletes vs. Epilepsy ambassadors for their time and dedication to the Walk. 

The money raised from the National Walk for Epilepsy helps the Foundation provide services for people living with epilepsy, provide awareness programs for proper seizure recognition and first aid, provide a voice to make sure health care options for people living with seizures remain strong, and provide much needed research funding toward better treatment options and ultimately cures.

Your fundraising and support of the National Walk for Epilepsy allows us to:

  • Support the 3 million Americans who live with seizures every day as well as their friends and loved ones.
  • Support new and innovative research that leads to exciting treatment options like a new form of intravenous anti-epilepsy medication that shows great promise in helping infants born with seizures.
  • Support advocacy efforts that are making sure people with epilepsy are not discriminated against and that national health care reform properly covers people with seizures.
  • Provide programs to educate first responders around the country about how to identify seizures from behaviors that could be a result of drugs or alcohol
  • Unite with thousands of caring and compassionate people like yourself.

Thank you for your continued support of and dedication to the National Walk for Epilepsy and the Epilepsy Foundation.

Event Info

Saturday, April 14th, 2018 7am

Washington Monument Grounds
15th St. and Independence Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20007

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